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DATELINE: END OF SUMMER 2017. Busy, busy, busy! Here at Brocante, the Parnells are busily preparing for fall shows. With a new container coming, we can’t wait to show YOU all that is in store. We hope you will join us soon at these two shows. . .

While we are busy getting ready for the shows, our rescue dachshund Louie is resting up. He’s hoping to see you soon, too!

DATELINE: LATE JUNE 2017. Postcards from Europe. As Brocante’s buying trip winds down (see our destinations in the previous post) this month, we can’t resist sending you a “postcard” or two from Europe.

European shopping with Brocante French Antiques

As you can see, above, we have visited many beautiful and historic sites on our buying trip. Beautiful, yes, but we are working, after all! 

European shopping with Brocante French Antiques   European shopping with Brocante French Antiques

This truck is full, and we are still shopping, always searching for special pieces… just for you. We will let you know when the newest finds – furniture, decor, and more – are in our four locations. À bientôt!

DATELINE: EARLY SUMMER 2017. What a perfect time to travel across the pond! We are kicking off summer with a trip … a buying trip, of course! June will see us in France, scouring the big fairs, flea markets, brocante shops, and countryside for one-of-a-kind pieces. Most of our time will be spent in small villages off the main roads where we have developed some great contacts over the years. If we have time after the south of France, we may include an excursion to Barcelona, too. The reward for our hard work will be spending a few days in Switzerland around Geneva and Basel. 

You will be hearing from us as soon as we stock our four locations with the latest finds. 

 french flea market

DATELINE: SPRING 2017. Meet Louie! We recently added a new member to the Parnell family – our rescue dachshund Louie. Louie is quickly settling in, in his furever home, and he is learning how to fit in at the antiques shows. If you saw us in Round Top, chances are you met Louie. 

Brocante French Antiques Louie with bowl

DATELINE: MARCH 2017. Spring 2017 promises good weather and great antiques shopping, especially in Round Top, Texas! Nowhere else in the southern states can you find so many venues offering such huge assortments of antiques and vintage items. Twice each year this little area in Texas swells, as Brocante joins many other antiques dealers from around the U.S. as well as across the pond.

We hope you will join us March 18 through April 1, 2017, in Round Top!

Brocante French Antiques at Round Top 2017

Great prices, free parking (and plenty of it), and great food can be found at Blue Hills. Below is this venue’s map.

Brocante French Antiques at Round Top 2017

After you shop with us at the Blue Hills Antique Show, stay in the area longer and try out some of the other shows . . . for more information, click here.