Since 1999 Brocante’s owners Martha and David Parnell have traveled the back roads of Europe in search of country European antiques – especially French antiques. The Parnells personally select antique and vintage furniture, furnishings, and unusual decorative items – all with stories to tell.

At our own Brocante, we want customers to experience the French countryside and its lifestyle. Bienvenue!
The Parnells, owners of Brocante French Antiques

The Parnells offer Brocante’s eclectic finds in premier show venues across the country as well as in their store locations in Texas and Louisiana. Their hearts have led them to the south of France, an incredible area filled with color, charm, history, and great food. While their collections often include treasures from other parts of France and other countries, Provence is the magnet that draws the Parnells back, year after year, and speaks to them like no other place.

“We are often asked what ‘Brocante’ means. In France, brocante shops generally contain an eclectic mixture of period antiques plus objects of charm that represent the life and work of the people in that region. This blend of decorative and utilitarian items defines the true country French style. At brocante shops you can never be sure what you will find. These shops are full of interesting, beautiful, and often quirky things just waiting for a new home! Objects from farm and vineyard, religious items, architectural elements, and period furniture blend beautifully in brocante shops. When we started our own Brocante French Antiques, we wanted to give our customers that same type of shopping experience that represents the French countryside and its lifestyle.”